1961 - Charlton Heston and Sofia Loren star in "El Cid" - a story about the legendary conqueror Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar who helped re-capture Spain from "foreign invasion". Film locations that were used were up and down the Spanish coast including Valencia and neighboring Granada. Movies are now on the map in Spain.

Early 1962 - Part of 7 Oscar winning film "Lawrence of Arabia" is filmed in the Carboneras riverbed, Almeria Spain. Almeria is on the map.

1964 - Paul Polansky arrives in Mojacar and starts 5 hoes on the beach for Maurice Prior of Truman's Breweries, Sir Alec Spearman, Sir & Lady Cotter, as well as three different ambassadors from various countries.

1964 - Sergio Leone films "Per un pugno di dollari" (1964) aka "A Fistful of Dollars", "Per qualche dollaro in più" (1965) aka "For a Few Dollars More", and later the most popular "spaghetti western" of them all, "Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo" (1966) aka "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" - making Clint eastwood an icon for these and many more westerns - all shot around Tabernas, Almeria, Spain, less than 40 minutes drive from Mojacar.

1965 - More movie mania continues to flock into the Almeria area, with the filming of "The Hill" starring Sean Connery, with Paul Polansky as an extra. That same year the movie "Battle Of The Bulge" is filmed in Spain, this time with some lines to Henry Fonda from Paul Polansky. Back then, this was one of the means for foreigners to get by and put a little extra cash in their pockets.

1967 - Royalty and celebrities now start to visit Mojacar and its pristine beaches and perfect weather. The Clarksons complete Cueva del Lobo and marry into concert pianist Enrique Arias' family.

1968 - P. Joby Polansky is born. Later on, in September 1969, Ric Polansky, karen, and one year old son, Joby, arrive in Francisco Franco's dictator ruled Spain, with $5.00 in hand, and lots of dreams.

Mid 1970 - Franco loaned part of his war machine, some hundred or so of his tanks, jeeps, and military equipment; for the filming of the movie "Patton"; of which half the movie's budget went to pay for. The scene where Patton defeats Rommel is filmed in the Carboneras riverbed - the exact same location where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed back in 1962.

December 1970 - The "La Gaviota" bar / Restaurant opens with it's stunning presence. A white monolith (which is no longer there) drew you to the building which had gleaming white marble steps leading up to it. Even though it has the name "seagull", it was originally opened up as a Cowboy Restaurant / bar by two Australian girls with food being served in each jail cell! The idea was a complete flop at the time, and no one came to the bar because it was still the Franco era and everybody in Mojacar or the surrounding area had at least one relative in jail!

1972 - The movie "Diabólica malicia" (1972) aka "Night Hair Child" with Hardy Kruger and Britt Ekland is filmed at Polansky's house. Ric spends the entire day with Dennis Hopper being "hopped".

Summer 1972 - "Treasure Island" is also filmed beyond Macenas (Tower) beach, with Orson Welles starring as Long John Silver. Locals were used as film extras. Karen Polansky was almost run over while on her horse on the beach, by a convoy with Orson Welles in one of the vehicles, on the way to filming. The pirate ship seen in the movie was built in Carboneras by hand, and the movie had additional scenes filmed there too. Movie memorabilia can still be seen at the El Dorado bar there.

1974 - Cortijo Grande is started. The single lane dirt track was the first glimpse of an amazing estate, which leads itself into a sacred valley or orange blossom and peaches warmed by the sun. Ric and Paul Polansky develop the area's very first 18 hole golf course there, "Golf Club", and numerous apartments and villas, nestled in the hands of the Sierra Cabrera mountain range. A riding club, bar and restaurant, a professional skeet shooting range were also established bringing in the Spanish National Shooting Team for practice and competitions. A golfers hidden haven is still on the drawing board.

Mid 1974 - Luke Polansky is born in downtown international Almeria. With cigar in hand and a beer in the other he starts selling real estate in Cortijo Grande right away!

February 1975 - Meanwhile, back on the beach, the Polansky family gets underway with El cantal and Lomos del cantal building projects, which culminate in some fifty plus homes.

November 1975 - Spain's Francisco Franco Bahamonde (1892 - 1975) passes away. this opens up Spain for drastic political change and large commercial exploits. He left Spain's future in the hands of the new head of state, King Juan Carlos I. Although he had been carefully groomed as Franco's successor, Juan Carlos began working with politicians and labor groups to bring about Spain's relatively smooth transition to democracy. Spain changes almost overnight.

1976 - In July Ric flies to London for the 200th Anniversary of the United States of America, and upon his return he discovers that there are no standard seats on the flight and is forced to buy a first class ticket instead. As fortune would have it he ends up sitting next to none other than the great "Slammin'" Sam Snead, who gets him Center Court tickets for Wimbledon! Ric had little interest in Golf at the time but gets his autograph anyway.
Once at home, he signs up a deal to sell the first house on Indalo Mountain I, a huge housing development on Mojacar Beach, to an Englishman.

1969 - 1978 - Las Marinas project completed for the four ambassadors and friends, French Belgian and some fifteen additional houses in Lomos del Cantal.

1979 - Spain's first taste of a property recession gave the Polansky family a taste of how to survive future ones. All three future recessions were thus survived. Around this time popular but often forgotten series "Curro Jimenez" was filmed in various parts of the area.

1980 - The initial groundwork for Indalo Mountain I starts with the drawing of blueprints for over fifty plus villas plus a centerpiece restaurant called "The Oasis" which are then slated for development. The views are still magnificent.

1981 - Third son Micah Polansky is born, once again in downtown Almeria. The doctors indicate that he looks vaguely familiar. Micah is fed milk and cookies so that he can be taller than his two older brothers. Ric Polansky makes acquaintances with the famed Ballasteros family, which later dominates golf during the 1980s.

1982 - Spain hosts it's first ever FIFA World Cup Football Finals. The Polanskys speculate as to whether or not the mascot "Naranjito" was an orange taken from and used at Cortijo Grande. Bitter disputes in bars continue to this day over the topic.


1983 - The second property recession starts. Plans still go ahead for a high-end restaurant "Casablanca" in the Guardias Viejas complex themed after the famous Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart movie. Although the restaurant is a huge success, with well known bands like the Keiron-Anderson Band, it is sold on to investors who turn it into an Indian restaurant.

1984 - Luke and Joby Polansky were pulled out of summer school and hired as extras in their first ever on-film appearance for a Coca Cola commercial filmed in Tabernas, Almeria, Spain. Oscar winning director Sydney Pollack ("Tootsie" - 1982) was at the helm. In the end, neither of them ever appeared in the commercial, but spent all their earnings on five tooth fillings each (from all the free Cokes). They still each have the free T-shirt as testimony.

1985 - Karen Polansky gets involved with, and later co-founds, the area's first local animal welfare society: PAWS (www.paws-patas.org).

1986 - A spin off to the Cortijo Grande Golf, called Cabrera, takes full force just above Turre, Almeria, Spain. Polansky family member Joby signs up and serves in the US Army - he is stationed on the East German border (DDR).

1987 - Polansky's Indalo Mountain I slowly draws itself to a conclusion for its main villa phase of construction. Plans for the future hold over 150 additional properties ranging from holiday let apartments to a series of quaint townhouses - with a few scattered private villas somewhere in between.

1988 - After a lot of political coaxing in 1988, the Iron Curtain falls. With no more Iron Curtain, son Joby is no longer needed to stand guard along the border, and so he returns to Spain.

1989 - Scenes from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" are filmed in Tabernas (desert fighting and tank scenes), as well as Cabo de Gata beaches, Almeria, (bi-plane scene with Sean Connery); as well as in Cortijo Grande (Zeppelin and airplane dogfight scenes). Paul Polansky briskly removes movie director Steven Spielberg and crew from his property after Spielberg blows up a plane on his film set in a simulated plane crash. Due to imminent fires, Spielberg was told not to do such a thing again, as small bursts of flame from the collision almost spread over the hills causing a large perilous mountain fire in the middle of a hot Spanish summer. The aforementioned film locations became property to be developed in Cabrera

1990 - Property recession number three begins. Nevertheless, the long-awaited project Vera-Golf brings Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana to Vera to promote the project. Manolo Ballasteros was also slated to come, as well as other well known Spanish athletes to offer support to the endeavor. The recession takes its toll, and this project metamorphoses over time into what we now know as Valle del Este.

1992 - A very big year for Spain, hosting the World Expo '92 in Sevilla as well as the XXV Summer Olympiad in Barcelona. Despite youngest sibling's height he is not elected to play for the Dream Team in the US Olympic basketball category.

Expo '92 Barcelona 1992

1993 - 1994 Spain slips into its lowest point in terms of the latest property and economic slump. Vintners, however, boast one of the best years ever for Spanish wine. Joby Polansky graduates from the University of Wisconsin and celebrates by opening a bottle of Marques'.

1995 - PAWS celebrate ten years of saving as well as homing hundreds of unwanted dogs, cats, and even some tortoises. Additional worthy mentions include the rescuing of several donkeys, a horse, and some old hunting dogs (which are usually shot like the prey they once retrieved when they have reached the end of their prime).

1996 - Sue Christie, wife of famed "Road to Amarillo" singer Tony Christie, arrives at the footsteps of PAWS member and PAWS President, Karen Polansky's house; with an unwanted little homeless doggie. To this day the Christies still sponsor the full time "room and board" for a dog at the PAWS rescue center located in Turre, Almeria, Spain.

1997 - Sightings of famous and twice soccer World Player of the Year, Zinedine Zidane (1998, 2000), along with France captain Didier Dechamps having beers at El Cid. Zidane's wife Veronique originally hails from "El Chive", near Lubrin, Almeria.

1998 - Earth moving begins once again on Indalo Mountain I (PERI UA11) - in Las Ventanicas; to carve the way for over 100 apartments, townhouses and two villas.

1999 - Building starts once again on Indalo Mountain I with Mojacar Bella - a group of 35 apartments with community pool and gardens. Starting prices for these were at 7,000,000 ptas, which equates to a little over 42,000 Euros. The same apartment sold in 2004 for 175,000 Euros.

1999 - Prince never showed up with his "Purple rain", but this year marked the beginning of what was to be the largest boom that the Spanish coast had seen in modern times. With the new Euro around the corner which forced legitimization of a lot of those "hidden" Pesetas, all soon to disappear, property sales soared over the next five to six years. For those who invested during this time frame the rewards were gratifying to the extreme!

2000 - The construction component of the 1999 boom begins all over Spain, coupled with celebrations of what must be considered the New Millennium. Property is hugely in style and there becomes almost nothing to sell anymore, apart from future projects off plan.

2001 - Sorbas Canyons Golf founder Bob Olejar consults Polansky & Associates to look for, and find, some of the largest tracts of land needed for the development of one of the largest and most prestigious golf resorts in the world; slated to start early 2006. Location fringes the town of Sorbas, Almeria where two Robert Trent Jones II (www.rtj2.com) Championship 18 hole courses are slated to be put in place, and with the help of EDAW (www.edaw.com) the creation of a new white village.
Complements to the courses include several hotels, spas, restaurants; and carving out the future for a new level of elite accommodation. The vision for the resort is said to cater to events, hopefully some movie stars, rich and famous, commercial trade shows and conventions.

Early 2002 - Building continues on UA11 with phase II, the La Alcazaba project, consisting mainly of one block of thirty one apartments, another block of six, and two townhouses slated to be built. All were sold out in 2000. These buildings all have community, a pool, gardens and apartments that, back then, sold for as little as 38,000 Euros and now sell for as much as 180,000 Euros.

Late 2002 - PAWS inducts a very important Dutch connection, Belinda Meuldijk, as Patron of the Animal Welfare Society. Teaming with PAWS, Belinda as wife and companion of Dutch singer Rob DeNijs, both continue to contribute in many ways to saving unwanted and mistreated animals in our community through documentaries and finding homes for them in Holland.

2002 - Real Madrid, the Polansky family's number one and favorite Division I football team on the planet, wins its ninth European Championship, in Glasgow, Scotland. One member of the Polansky family represented them in person at Hamden Park to partake in the festivities, mainly in the beer drinking section of the VIP tent.

2002 - 2003 - Building on UA11 starts with phase III, designated as Cuatro-Casas - a nice revisit to the real estate glory of the 1980s - with its Spanish Villas, all with sea views. These villas instantly became popular and profitable for the lucky ones who snagged them in 1999. All are walking distance from the beach and minutes away from everything you would ever need.
By now, prime property like this is next to impossible to come by in Mojacar, and property values are soaring through the roof. Coronation Street's Diedre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) makes an appointment to view house properties in La Parata.

2003 - While fishing nearby, Antonio Acedo, Real Madrid's "physio" and personal trainer for the starting "first team"; curious as to who lived in the "two big houses south of the Hotel Indalo" - is invited up for drinks and tapas. He certified that the Polansky's are actually in pretty good shape, and might recommend the youngest Micah to the training camp.

2004 - Cuartro Casas continues with its last two units sold for unprecedented 385,000 Euros each. Plans for Phase II-B, Chiqui, are drawn up and earth cut to lay groundwork for this quaint little project. Chiqui starts at the end of 2004 and continues into 2005. Three are sold before a shovel is even put in the ground.

Early 2005 - Philanthropist George Soros and one of his many companies, MedGroup, manage to finally break ground in Macenas Beach for the humongous Macenas Golf Project. Project Chiqui gets underway with sales initially offered to former clients, though these have now been extended to the public. Too bad the Polanskys sold their shares ten years (thinking it would never get off the ground).

Mid 2005 - Sorbas Canyons' (preliminary) licenses are approved and passed at the Sorbas town hall level with some controversy. This marks a new major first step for this prestigious and unprecedented project to hit the area. Polansky & Associates gear up to continue to consult and assist in the sales and on the growth of this amazing project.


Other worthy mentions of the rich and famous who have visited the area and not been documented by Hello (Hola) Magazine over the passage of forty plus years:

  • Faye Dunaway
  • Charles Bronson
  • Chess player Garry Kasparov visited Mojacar via helicopter, played a life-size game of chess against the Mayor, the latter losing, before Kasparov left.
  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Some famous bank robbers whose names we can't mention here.
  • The Beatles (on a rare and undocumented trip to Almeria for a segment of one of their videos).
  • Strong rumors still contend that Walt Disney had his roots in Mojacar.

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