CONGRATULATIONS! You have purchased your new property, but what happens next? How do you get your funds over to Spain? Where should you open a bank account? Who has the most competitive mortgage and lending rates?

You might have already decided to come out to live as well as a new business - where do you go from here?

Polansky & Associates has a wealth of contact derived from over 35 years of property sales and consulting in the area. We would like to share that with you on this page. By the way, this is merely the tip of the iceberg..

To do this, there are some very common requisites that most every purchase requires. We would like to help our clients on all that is necessary to complete the sales experience by pointing them all in the right direction for getting everything from an NIE number, going to the Notary, Property Registry, set up e-mail, as well as assisting in connecting the water, electricity, etc.

So what is the next step then?


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As you might already have experienced with wiring money to Spain, and through our own day-to-day dealings, we have found that the wiring of funds can be extremely costly in terms of fees and give extremely poor exchange rates.

Depending on whether or not you are planning on sending over your final installments for your purchase, or you have done so already; you can save a lot of money on not only exchange rates but also in minimizing bank transfer fees by using companies that specialize in exchange rates. Two are mentioned below.

These companies have many different ways to save you money but there are generally a number of run of the mill ways you can do this task:

You can secure a rate for a particular date (such as your closing or taking title day); or simply move a larger amount on the day, to cover say furniture expenses, ensuring fewer total fees at either end.

To find the best option for you consultants can cater a rate to fit your needs and therefore it's worth contacting them to see how they can help. We guarantee you will save money using this method rather than the traditional one - from your bank there to your bank here. Drop them a line! Here are some options to consider:

Global Currency Exchange Network
Global Currency Exchange Network Ltd
Teston Suite, Barnam Ct., Teston
Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ

Director: Martin Cox +44 (0) 1622 618 638 -
Mojacar Coordinator: Becky Hooton
Tel: +34 950 133 697 Mob: +34 647 291 441 E-mail:

Currencies Direct
Currencies Direct Ltd
Hanover House
73/74 High Holborn
London WC1V 6LR

Director: Peter Loveday +34 620 274 281 -

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If you are looking for a mortgage, particularly if you are planning to offset it with holiday rentals, we have tracked down the most economical and best rates in the area. We work with the following banks for mortgages:

Caja Murcia
Caja Murcia
Our number one choice on the mortgage front since it has very competitive rates and friendly staff, all of them bilingual. An advantage is that Global Currency Exchange Network is linked with this bank so reducing charges to transfer funds even further.

Cruce de la Playa - Rambla le Campos 363
04638 Mojacar, Almeria, Spain
Tel: +34 950 475 836 & +34 950 475 026
Fax: +34 950 475 440
Swift Code: CECAESMMO43

Director: Manuel Fernandez Cobo -


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Some of you have made your kitchen choices already, but for those of you who have not we can cater to a wide variety of tastes and have a large selection of "extras" we can offer.

Because of prior successes we have had in this area we have opted to work exclusively with the following vendor for kitchen installations.

Ebanisteria Esteban

C/Nueva, 70 - 04630 Garrucha, Almeria
Tel: +34 950 460 218
Mob: +34 647 203 347
E-mail (Spanish):
Director: Esteban Caparros
Assistant: Rickie Worgan (English spoken)

Ebanisteria Esteban has traditionally done an outstanding job of building custom furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases, stereo racks, tables, shelving, and an extensive variety of other items. Esteban can build almost anything you wish!

We have found through experience that most vendors and shops promise the world. However, only a few actually honour what they say. Some of you would like to furnish your new apartments with durable products to survive the rental process, or perhaps provide something more leisure-like for your vacations.

Through our past projects, we have narrowed our list of recommendations to a small number of furniture shops that you might want to consider. Obviously, these retailers may not have everything you require, so we strongly advise that you "shop around". We recommend you try:

English Pine
They specialize in robust and therefore high quality wooden furniture ranging from cabinets and tables to wine racks.

Muebles Aznar
A long established furniture store, one of the first in the area - located at Rio Abajo next to the Peugeot Garage (riverbed between Mojacar & Garrucha). Ask for Sergio, who is very helpful and speaks English.
Tel: +34 950 478 135

Located near Rio Abajo - on the way from our offices to Garrucha on the left. They offer a wide variety of quality products. Ask for Elario or Danielle.
Tel: +34 950 475 475

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Something that will really increase the value of your property is amenities inside the dwelling, such as kitchens, fireplaces and floors. One popular and economical way to do this is to leverage marble and granite stone for certain items like fireplaces, kitchen work tops, and so on. Almeria boasts one of the largest marble quarries in the world for marble and granite stone mining. We recommend contacting Al Andalus Arboleas for these options.

E-mail Annie (speaks Spanish & English):

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In an ever-changing world, whether you are renting or not, you might want to get insurance for your new apartment and furniture. Although Mojácar's crime rate is very low in relation to most resorts, we still get sporadic "hits" and you want to make sure you are covered.

Although we prefer that you go with a 3rd party for insurance, for admin purposes, we can help guide you in this department through a number of contacts that we have established over the years. 

These offices specialize in the following areas: 

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While it might sound crazy to install heating, if you are planning on using your new place in the winter, or even letting it out, it is highly advisable for those cold evenings to install heating. On the flipside, air-conditioning is a great idea for those heat wave summers and will boost your rentals as an extra feature. Our choice company for these services (as well as your satellite TV solution) is:

Diestro Match Services

Paseo del Mediterraneo 201
Edificio Guardias Viejas 2,
Playa de Mojacar 04638 Almeria
Tel: +34 950 472 191
Fax: +34 950 475 390

Directors: Jane & Mike Oliver

What does Diestro Match offer?

Air Conditioning

Heating Units

SKY Television - Satellite Television. Because most people want specific channels with Sky there are different "packs". SKY installations are done by quote only. Please E-mail Diestro Match for more information on obtaining SKY if you wish to have this service in your new property.

Home security systems - including CCTV cameras, monitors, camera recording devices, and sensors.

Electronics & Installation: Diestro also provides a comprehensive variety of home electronics, which include gas-plasma televisions in many sizes, DVD players and VCR boxes.

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Some of you will want to fit and kit your new place with an alarm system for added security. This will not only give you peace of mind but will also reduce your insurance premium and more importantly hinder burglaries. We can arrange a system be fitted for you and we recommend:

Securitas Direct Alarmas
Securitas Direct Alarmas
E-mail: (inquiries)

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Many of you will want to have some kind of phone when you are out here. The good news is that mobiles have dropped significantly in price and can be obtained with very little start-up costs for the most basic packs. Our number one choice for mobiles in the area is Vodafone Mojacar located in the Parque Commercial. Not only has Jose Luis come up with some excellent timely service, he is one of the few vendors who can help you also with viable and inexpensive Internet solutions.

Vodafone - EURONICS of Mojacar

Parque Commercial
Playa de Mojacar, 04638 Almeria
Tel: +34 950 615 086

Director: Jose Luis Partida

Some of the services Vodafone Mojacar offers:

"Pay as you go" Mobile Phones
Contract Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones Sim Free (unlocked)
Top-Up / Recharge cards
Mobile Phone Accessories
Laptop Computers
Computer Printers
Internet Access without cables (Vodafone Mobile Connect 3 G)
GPRS Internet Access (phone card for laptops)


Some of you will want to fit your new place with microwave ovens, washers, dryers, ovens, blenders, speaker systems, DVD players, VCRs, and other electronic appliances. For this category we also recommend our good friend Jose Luis from Vodafone who just acquired the Euronics store on the playa. The store is located about 5 minutes drive from the Parque Commercial on the way to Garrucha.


For those of you who wish to have the Internet here in Spain, it's not as easy as you think! The good news is that we have fostered a number of very savvy and reliable sources to help you "connect".

There are different methods to connect to the Internet:

Dial-Up Modem
ISDN (digital)
ASDL (analogue but faster)
WI-FI (wireless - internal)
GPRS* (uses mobile phone technology)
3G* (also leverages mobile phone technology - coming soon...)

*This technology is recommended if you do not wish to have a landline, or for areas that are not covered by Telefonica; or rarely use the Internet for anything other than e-mail.

More on Internet options: Polansky & Associates can find you sources for both new and second hand computers, including laptops & desktop computers.

We can also assist in obtaining most of the above Internet connections, or even have a web page designed for you (for those of you who might be moving out to Spain to start a business).

Stop by and talk to us about your specific needs and we can help you maintain touch with loved ones back home - and get you surfing quickly!



Over the last few years a number of clients have expressed the need to have a landline telephone installed. We have therefore contacted Telefonica with regards to what options are available and found out some key information.
Therefore, if you would like a landline installed, could you please fill out the following important details below and have them ready for when you call "1004" to request the landline. They do speak English but if you prefer we can assist you with this.


D.N.I. / Passport Number:


Contact No.:

Name of contact who will handle this for you:

Direct Debit bank Acct:
(This must be the whole 20 numbers of the account.)

Landline (Yes or No)

Internet (Yes or No)

If "Yes" to an Internet connection specify: Modem (dial-up), ADSL or ISDN/RDSI)

Next call 1004 from any landline and give this information over the phone to Telefonica directly. You can also fax it in if you wish at (93) 483 9974 F.A.O. Pilar. The operator at 1004 will tell you what number to fax to.

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Polansky & Associates has had a lot of experience in setting up new businesses over the years and therefore derived many "connections" as well as an extensive contact list in order to get most any job done.

Our latest challenge was to find a local chimney sweep; an hour later we had one standing at the door!

For 90% of all paperwork in Spain you will need what is called a Gestoria to get it done. Unfortunately, this word does not translate into English as there are no other offices in the world that dedicate themselves to working solely on and resolving "red tape". In Spain they are absolutely invaluable and also are very well connected. Gestorias know "the system" well and 99% of them have a legal grounding that even some lawyers might not be able to address (plus they usually come cheaper than a solicitor!).

We have worked with many Gestorias in the area over the years but the one we feel to be the most responsive and the most professional is:

Serrano Gestion
Serrano Gestion

C/ Lucio, N' 1 P-A Garrucha (Almeria)
Tel: +34 950 133 139
Fax: +34 950 460 711

Directors: Jose & Esther Saez Alonso

A number of you will come out to work and some have come out to live (play actually!).
Either way, at some point you might want to obtain a work permit, pay a traffic fine, or change plates on your "UK Reg" car.

Here are some of the services they offer:

Residencias: Assistance with documentation for foreigners.

Assistance with documentation on property buying and selling.

Business Cost & Expense Tax Accounting.

Registry Procedures (activations and deactivations - "altas" & "bajas").

Business Opening Licenses.

Notary Assistance.

Buying and selling process.
Creation of Contracts & Renovation.
Powers of Attorneys.
Wills and Testaments.

Urbanisation & Community Management ("Comunidades").

Accounting - Treasury.
Damage & Accident Management.

Fiscal Advice.

Mediation and payment of traffic fines / violations.

Water & Electricity name switchovers.

Car importation, papers, and license plate changes.

Drivers' licenses (from UK to Spanish for example).

Assistance with Labor & Fiscal Management.

Work Contracts.
Social Security Set-up, Management, & Control.
Unemployment Management.

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To conclude, we hope that these services, benefits, and research will come to benefit you, whether today, or at some point down the road.

But what about all those other "little" questions that are not addressed on these pages?
I am sure that there are many more about local schools, doctors, employment, removals, pension plans, healthcare, pets n vets - and so much more.
Everything from a request to locate a chimneysweep to how one can volunteer at a local animal charity has been asked of us.
No question is too unusual (we were once asked what the GPS coordinates were for Desert Springs in order to land a helicopter and we had the answer within an hour!)

Please note that we have seperate lists for legal assistance, hotels, and hired help based on specific need available upon request.

Come and visit us and we will try to help!

You can print out our contact information as well as some maps that show how to find us using the following links:

Contact Information

How To Find Us

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