Abogado Lawyer, Solicitor, Attorney
Acta Minutes Of A Meeting
Administrador Administrator or Manager, Especially of the Affairs of a Community of Property Owners
Adosado Terraced or Semidetached House
Agencia Inmobiliaria Real Estate Agency
Agrimensor Surveyor
Al Contado Cash
Albacea Executor of a Will
Alquiler Rent
Aparejador Site Engineer
Arbitrio Sobre El Incremento A Capital Gains Tax based on Increase in Land Value, also called Plus Valia
Arquitecto Architect
Arras Holding Deposit Paid on Reserving a Property
Asegurar Insurance
Asesor Fiscal Financial Advisor, Tax Consultant, Accountant
Autorization de Residencia Residence Permit
Aval Person Who Underwrites a Loan
Ayuntamiento Town Hall
Casa de Pueblo Townhouse
Catastro Regional Property Register which details Property Boundaries
Cedula de Hababilidad Certificate Issued by the Local Authority confirming that the Property is fit for habitation. The Certificate must be produced before Electricity and gas Supplies can be connected to a new property
Certificado de Cambio de Divisas Certificate of Exchange of Foreign Currency into Euros
Certificado de Empadronamiento Certificate showing a Person Resides or owns Property in a given Municipality
Certificado de no residencia Certificate of Non-Residency. The Certificate may be obtained from the Foreigners Office
Certificado Penal Certificate showing an Prison Record or Legal Judgement against a Person
Chalet Villa
Clausula Obrogatoria Annulling Clause on a Sale of Property Contract. This may be added to a Contrato de Conpreventa, for example, to allow the buyer to pull out of a purchase if planning permission is not obtained
Cobrar To Cash a Cheque or Collect a Payment
Compensacion Extranjera Percentage Deduction applied to Spanish Income Tax due in order to Compensate for Tax Paid Abroad
Comprador Purchaser or Buyer
Comunidad de Propietarios Owners Association in an Apartment Building or Complex of Attached Houses
Constructor Builder
Contrato de Arredamiento Short Term Rental Contract
Contrato de Compraventa Initial Contract of sale, after which a Deposit (usually 10%) is Paid into a Bonded Account. The Deposit is Forfeited if the Buyer pulls out of the Purchase and is deemed to have Broken the Terms of the Contract
Contribucion Dineraria Extranjera Foreign Money Contribution, Necessary to Start a Business in Spain for Non-EC Persons
Contribucion Urbana Former name (still used colloquially) of Municipal Real Estate Tax, now IBI
Cortijo Country House typically found in the Andalucian Region
Cuenta Corriente Cheque Account at a Bank
Declaration de Obra Nueva Registration of a New Contract with a Public Notary
Declaration de Impuesto Tax Return
Demanda Lawsuit
Deposito Deposit
Director de Banco Bank Manager
Documento Unificado Combined Work and Residence Permit
Domiciliacion de Pagos Standing Order to Bank for Payment of Electric, Water, Tax Bills etc
Escritura de Compraventa Notorised Contract of Sale or Purchase
Escritura de Hipoteca Mortgage Deed
Escritura Publica Notorised and Registered Deed of Title to Property as Entered in the Property Register
Estatutos By-Laws, Statutes, Especially of Owners Association of Condominium Apartment Buildings
Gastos Costs or Expenses
Gestor Professional who Arranges Paperwork
Hacienda Treasury, Finance Ministry or Tax Ministry
Hipoteca Mortgage
Honorarios Fees
Inmuebles (IBI) Local Rates or Real Estate Tax
Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales Real Estate Transfer Tax
Impuesto Extraordinaio Sobre El Partimonio

Capital Assets Tax or Wealth Tax

Impuesto Municipal Sobre El Incremento Del Valor De Los Terrenos Tax Levied on the Increase in Land Value, Excluding Buildings
Impuesto Municipal Sobre La Renta De Las Personas Fisicas Income Tax
Impuesto Sobre Actividades Economicas (IAE) This Tax Replaces the former Fiscal Licence for Professionals and Business Operators
Impuesto Sobre El Valor Anadido (IVA) VAT (Value Added Tax) VAT is Levied at 7% on a New Property Sold on the Free Market, 16.5% on Land
Impuesto Sobre Bienes Replaces the Former Contribucion Urbana as the Annual Municipal
Impuesto Sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales Transfer Tax Paid When Buying a Resales Property which is Levied at 5.5% of Sales Value
Impuestos Taxes
Inmobiliaria Estate Agent
ITP Transfer Tax (7% in Spain)
Letras Scheduled Installments Paid Against the Purchase Price of a New House Prior to Completion
Ley De Arrendamientos Urbanos Urban Letting Law Covering Rental of Apartments and Houses
Ley De La Propiedad Horizontal Real Estate Law Setting Forth the Legal Framework for Condominium Buildings, and Rights and Obligations of Individual Owners
Licencia De Aperture License to Open a Business
Licencia Fiscal Former Annual Business Licence, Replaced in 1992 by IAE
Masia Large Country House
Memoria De Calidades Document Detailing the Specifications for a New Property. This May Specify the Type and Quality of Flooring, Windows, etc
Nota Simple Extract From the Land or Property Registry Showing the Owner of the Property and Debt Outstanding Against the Property
Notario Public Notary
Numero De Indentification De Extranjeros (NIE) Foreigner's Tax Identification Number
Parcela Building Plot
Patrimonio Capital Assets
Plan General Urban Plan
Plan Parcial Plan of Building Plots in a Housing Development
Plus Valia Capital Gains Tax
Poder Power Of Attorney
Promotor Developer
Registro De La Propiedad Property Register
Residente Resident, Holder of an Official Residence Permit
Retencion Withholding Tax retained from Salaries, Earnings on Rentals, Bank Accounts etc
Solicitud Petition, Request or Application
Tarjeta Comunitaria EC Registration Card
Tasa Fee
Tasacion Valuation
Temporada Season, Short Period of Time
Tesador Valuer
Testamento Will or Testiment
Todos Los Gastos All Charges, often stipulated in Home Purchase Contract to Buyer
Traspaso Transfer / Lease of a Property
Urbanizacion Housing Estate
Valor Catastral Official Valuation of Real Estate for Tax Purposes / Rateable Value
Visado De Residencia Visa required for living in Spain more than the period allowed regular tourists
Vivienda De Protecion Oficial (VPO) Subsidised Housing
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Accountant Asesor Fiscal
Administrator (of Community etc) Administrador
All Charges Todos Los Gastos
Annual Municipal Impuesto Sobre Bienes
Annuling Clause on a Sale of Property Contract Clausula Obrogatoria
Application Solicitud
Architect Arquitecto
Attorney Abogado
Bank Manager Director de Banco
Builder Constructor
Building Plot Parcela
Buyer Comprador
By Laws (Of A Community) Estatutos
Capital Assets Patrimonio
Capital Assets Tax Impuesto Extraordinaio Sobre El Partimonio
Capital Gains Tax

Arbitrio Sobre El Incremento / Plus Valia

Cash Al Contado
Cash a Cheque Cobrar
Certificate of Exchange of Foreign Currency into Euros Certificado de Cambio de Divisas
Certificate of Non Residency Certificado de no Residencia
Certificate showing a Prison Record or Legal Judgement Certificado Penal
Certificate that a person resides in or owns a property in a municipality Certificate de Empadronameint
Certificate that a property is fit for habitation Cedula de Hababilidad
Cheque Account at a Bank Cuenta Corriente
Collect a Payment Corar
Costs Gastos
Country House Cortijo
Deposit Deposito
Developer Promotor
Document detailing the specifications of a new Property Memoria de Calidades
EC Registration Card Tarjeta Comunitaria
Executor of a Will Albacea
Expenses Gastos
Extract from the Land or Property Registry showing owner of Property Nota Simple
Fee Tasa
Fees Honorarios
Finance Ministry Hacienda
Financial Advisor Asesor Fiscal
Foreign Money Contribution Contribucion Dineraria Extranjera
Foreigner Tax Identification Number NIE Numero de Identification de Extranjeros
Holding Deposit on Property Assas
Housing Estate Urbanizacion
IAE Annual Business LIcence Licencia Fiscal
IAE Fiscla Licence for Professionals Impuesto Sobre Actividades Economicas
IBI Contribucion Urbana
Income Tax Impuesto Municipal Sobre La Renta de las Personas Fisicas
Initial Contract of Sale Contrato de Compraventa
Insurance Asegurar
Large Country House Masia
Lawsuit Demanda
Lawyer Abogado
Licence to Open a Business Licencia de Aperture
Loan Underwriter Aval
Local Rates Inmeubles (IBI)
Minutes (of a Meeting) Acta
Mortgage Hipoteca
Mortgage Deed Escritura de Hipoteca
Municipal Real Estate Tax Contribucion Urbana
Notarised and registered Deed of title to a Property Escritura Publica
Notarised Contract of Sale or Purchase Escritura de Compraventa
Owners Association in a Complex Comunidad de Propietarios
Perccentage Deduction applied to Spanish Income due in order to compensate for Tax Paid Abroad Compensation Extranjera
Petition Solicitud
Plan of Building Plots in a Housing Development Plan Parcial
Power of Attorney Poder
Professional who arranges Paperwork Gestor
Property Register Registro de la Propiedad
Public Notary Notario
Purchaser Comprador
Rateable Value Valor Catastral
Real Estate Agency Agencia Inmobiliaria
Real Estate Law Ley de la Propiedad Horizontal
Real Estate Tax IBI
Real Estate Transfer Tax Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales
Regional Property Register Catastro
Registration of a new contract with a Public Notary Declaration de Obra Nueva
Rent Aquiler
Request Solicitud
Residence Permit Autorization de Residencia
Resident Residente
Scheduled instalments paid against a purchase price of a new house Letras
Season Temporada
Short Term Rental Contract Contrato de Arredamiento
Site Engineer Aparejador
Solicitor Abogado
Standing Order at Bank (eg Electricity) Domiciliacion de Pagos
Stautes of a Community Estatutos
Subsidised Housing Vivienda De Protecion Oficial (VPO)
Surveyor Agrimensor
Tax Consultant Asesor Fiscal
Tax Levied on the increase in Land Value Impuesto Municipal Sobre el Increment Del Valor de Los Terranos
Tax Ministry Hacienda
Tax Return Declaration de Impuesto
Taxes Impuestos
Terraced House Adosado
Town Hall Ayuntamiento
Townhouse Casa de Pueblo
Transfer Tax ITP (7% in Spain)
Transfer Tax paid when buying a resale property Impuesto Sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales
Transfer/Lease of a Property Traspaso
Treasury Hacienda
Urban Letting Law Ley de Arrendamientos
Urban Plan Plan General
Valuation Tasacion
Valuer Tesador
VAT (Value Added Tax) IVA Impuesto Sobre el Valor Anadido
Villa Chalet
Visa for living in Spain longer than tourists Visado de Residencia
Wealth Tax Impuesto Extraordinaio Sobre el Partmonio
Will or Testament Testamento
Withholding Tax etc Retencion
Work or Residence Permit Documento Unificado
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