Our Company does not take a laissez faire and open attitude towards renting your property out. We expect our clients to earn a good income on their substantial investment. We do not wait for someone to walk in the front door and plead with us to rent them an apartment. We are aggressively marketing on the Internet to various “activity clubs” to entice them to come to Spain and RENT. Our Company will be soliciting directly to Golf Clubs, Air & Hang Gliding Clubs, Scuba Diving Clubs (3 of Andalucia’s 19 Blue Flag Beaches are here in Mojacar for snorkelling and underwater activities), Windsurfing and Sailing Clubs, Golf, Tennis and English Lawn Bowling Clubs, etc.

Let’s face it, if we rent out your Apartment for as low as £100 a week in mid-February, you still get £80 profit. If we can bring in the off-season visitor you very well could pay your entire community fees for the year. If you want to rent even more you could help yourself by putting up adverts in your home Supermarkets, news agents etc.


The times have changed. Clients coming on holiday expect much more than to wade in the sea and drink sangria. They must be constantly looked after. Our Company will be charging a 20% commission for rentals. This holds multifarious advantages. Because we are in the construction industry, we maintain a full staff of Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters and cleaning people. Should something go wrong-- we are there. Furthermore, we can take additional care of them to facilitate an enjoyable stay. Our holiday packages can include: airport pickups, car rentals, food packages, and arranging special side trips to other interesting localities.


The Spanish banks are offering mortgage facilities to our clients for 50% of the sales price. While you only paid half the purchase price you then are given time to pay the rest in a mortgage usually over a ten to fifteen year period (you can cancel whenever you want).

Here is how it works:

The average client owes approx. 55 € for every million Pesetas borrowed. Therefore if he bought his place for 60101 € and borrowed 30050 € his PAY BACK TO THE BANK would be approx. 270,45 € per month or 3245,46 € per year.

HOWEVER if the client allowed us to rent his apartment and he received back just 330,55 € clear for the High period of eight weeks in July-August, and one each at Christmas and Easter he will have reaped 3305,57 € for ten weeks of rentals!

This still leaves you the owner some 42 weeks for personal use or additional rentals, therefore income!

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