The following is an estimate of the approximate running costs of a three-bedroom house. Some apartment costs are the same as villa costs, but there are some notable differences.

Bottled Gas
Depending on consumption, a gas bottle costs 10 € to replace (once you have bought a contract for these in the first place. The price of this depends on how many gas bottles you buy). A normal full gas bottle usually lasts for about 2 weeks for every day cooking, maybe longer.

This also depends on consumption, but usually a 3 bedroom house has a water cost of about 40 € every two months.

Depending on consumption this should cost abut 97€ every two months for a 3 bedroom house.

Refuse Collection
Around 15 € every 3 months.

No charge providing the villa is not in the countryside.

Property Tax
For a 3 bedroom apartment this is 169€ per year. For a 3 bedroom house this is 241€ a year.

We always recommend this, especially if you will be letting the property, and the cost for a 3 bedroom property will be around 272€ per year. We can offer this service very competatively to you through our agency agreement with:

Prosperity Seguros y Pensiones S.L.

Prosperity SA de Seguros de Vida y Pensiones / Generales
Centro Residencial Oliveros
Bloque Singular, 2a fase, Primera Planta
04004 Almeria

Director: Jose Luis Morales
Mojacar Area Manager: Maria Dolores Garcia Blesa

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