British Citizenship
Your passport and Citiznship remain the same, unless you stay more than 180 days, OR unless you choose to become a Resident Abroad. This is quite easy to do should you so wish.

National Health & Medical
At the moment the programmes are not transferable, but in future years I am sure they will be. Having raised children in Spain and lived here through numerous accidents and medical turmoil we can say that one is blessed by living under the Spanish sun and their medical care. It is first rate and doctors abound. (Good dentists too)

State Pensions
These can be paid over here on a monthly basis into any local or national bank branch that you choose.

Investments back in the U.K. are taxed only in the U.K., unless of course you are a Resident Abroad. We have aligned ourselves with

Prosperity Seguros y Pensiones S.L.

Prosperity SA de Seguros de Vida y Pensiones / Generales
Centro Residencial Oliveros
Bloque Singular, 2a fase, Primera Planta
04004 Almeria

Director: Jose Luis Morales
Mojacar Area Manager: Maria Dolores Garcia Blesa

Prosperity are part of the Standard Life Group and can offer you a sound property investment with us as well as both pension and retirement plans. We have a number of excellent packages that will earn interest depending on your aspirations and timelines. As part of our growing affiliation with Prosperity we can also now insure your house and car!

Transfer Sterling
This can be done easily. It eith can be done digitally via the bank's new e-mail systems or the older method of wiring the money, but either way there is no problem transferring currency abroad. Nor are there restrictions on the amount. The only way you would ever be investigated is if the amount was abnormally high.

Maintaining a Home in Britain
Over the last 30 years the trend has moved towards actually giving up one's home in Great Britain, as it is onlt a 2 hour flight away. However, it can be psychologically unsettling to walk away from such a tiny island that has powerful find memories, but with the world shrinking because of the Internet, you can exchange letters and even see the person you are talking to instantaneously through electronic media. Either that or just get on a short plane ride and take a quick visit back. But beware, once you have a place in the sun, you'll find yourself with many, many visitors and friends you never realised you had!

Taxes are paid in the country of your financial residency. If you have investments in the U.K, even though you spend 3 to 4 months abroad, you are taxable on those investments under U.K. law.

Ex-Patriot Organisations & Clubs
These abound, as do Societies for Golfing, Tennis, Lawn Bowls, Bridge or an excuse for people to get together, whether it be a "once a month dining club" or an exploring club to find new Bars. People who live abroad, surprisingly enough, tend to flock together much more tightly, and even speak to their neighbours, which is something they might not do back in the U.K.

As general advice it is a good idea to come over, have a look around, start small and keep your house back in the U.K. for a while and just see how you get on. We feel quite confident that in the end you'll sell up and come over to buy a nicer and perhaps larger home out here in the sun.

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